The Total Leader®

Fulfill Your Leadership Potential

As the world of business continually changes and evolves, the need for effective leaders also skyrockets. To become a truly empowering enterprise, a business must develop leaders throughout the organization. In fact, the organization of the future is one where everyone is a leader. It is only when people can lead themselves that they can genuinely be creative and innovative.

These beliefs led to the creation of the Total Leader Concept … a dynamic and innovative development process that focuses on magnifying potential and creating great leaders. The process addresses four critical levels that a person must master in order to become a Total Leader. Through our hand-in-hand development process, we can help you and your people achieve that ultimate goal.

The best leaders — Total Leaders — excel at all aspects of leadership, and the organizations filled with Total Leaders excel at what they do. If you want that kind of excellence for yourself or for your organization, we are ready to guide you through the process.

Personal Productivity


Personal Productivity is the foundation of all effective leadership and a basic aspect of human nature, yet many people lack the direction they need to achieve their desired results. Our development process will help members of your organization:

  • Evaluate their attitude and make productive behavioral changes
  • Proactively develop goals versus reactively dealing with crisis
  • Set goals and achieve results
  • Increase productivity by determining priorities
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Become a team player
  • Thrive in a learning environment

Motivational Leadership


Motivational Leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others; unfortunately, many people lack the necessary traits to execute these skills. We’ll enable you to increase innovation by helping you and your team:

  • Understand what it takes to become an effective motivational leader
  • Develop and communicate a vision for the future
  • Create winning teams that can evolve with the business world
  • Promote growth and advancement
  • Establish an organization of leaders

Personal Leadership


Personal Leadership is the core of an individual’s character. It’s a quality that is exemplified when a person represents an organization in the outside world or interacts with others in the organization. Personal motivation and self-image are key to how one performs, responds, and leads. Our training will help your individuals:

  • Realize personal leadership potential by building upon strengths and improving self-image
  • Make more successful choices by overcoming past conditioning
  • Increase self-motivation by altering attitudes, behaviors and habits
  • Develop a written and specific Plan of Action for success

Strategic Leadership


Strategic Leadership is the ability to define and develop the purpose of the organization, determine its key strategies, select the right people for the right roles, and oversee the processes required to achieve success. We will help you:

  • Clarify your strategic purpose (why you exist)
  • Complete a comprehensive strategic assessment (where you stand now)
  • Create your strategic development (where you want to go)
  • Implement your strategic execution (make it happen)

Individual Assessments

Building Stronger You

Most organizations understand that effective management and deployment of assets can mean the difference between success and failure but many organizations fail to consider their most critical asset, human capital.

A recent study by McKinsey & Company revealed that “A” performers tend to be 50-100% more productive than “C” performers. Clearly, identifying those with the potential for “A” performance can enhance an organizations performance. So, how does an employer identify outstanding potential and, once identified, how does an employer retain and continue to develop that potential?

Testing and Survey tools have long been an effective, yet underutilized, tool to help employers make the most of their human capital. As part of our Strategic Development Process, LMI Canada – Slight Edge Group offers awareness tools via assessment and survey instruments that enhance performance.

  • Profile Evaluation System
  • Development Needs Inventory
  • Organizational Needs Inventory